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  1. Hi
    My senior narcissistic father lived in the apt downstairs by himself in my house and he wants to move her girlfriend in to live with him. I told him no and he said the other option would be to move out and rent an apt but I would need to pay the rent for him. He still refused to move out. How can I convince him to move out?

    • Hi Mysty,

      This is a sticky situation. I don’t envy you.

      I am not an attorney. But I think your best option is to serve him eviction papers that tell him to be out by a certain date.

      Check the laws in your state to see what has to go on such a notice. There are free legal templates available online, but I cannot vouch for them as I’ve never used one.

      I would tackle getting used to your father’s screaming before serving him eviction papers. He will be yelling his head off if you do this.

      A word of caution. He probably won’t leave by the eviction date and you may end up having to take him to court. Research the process for your state and be sure you want to go through it before beginning.

      I wish you luck.


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